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TRU Triple Threat, a company that specializes in routine critiques, gym showcases, and providing highly qualified judges to cheer events, is extremely excited to expand our season with our newest official scoring partner Liberty Spirit and Freedom Spirit Cheer and Dance Championships. 


A strong foundation of expertise in event producing is immeasurable in the cheer industry.  TRU Triple Threat is overjoyed and ecstatic to be aligned with two of Allstar cheerleading’s trailblazer’s Brian Elza and Jim Hill.  Cooperatively, we will revitalize the allstar cheerleading industry one event at a time. 


“After more than two decades of knowing Brian Elza and Jim Hill in the industry, the vision and goals of Liberty and Freedom Spirit align with TRU’s mission” says Amy Tyler of TRU.


“Having this partnership expansion will give our TRU judges more opportunities to showcase their expertise and knowledge of our sport” says Tanya Bowles of TRU.


“There is no better time than now for TRU Triple Threat and Liberty Spirit and Freedom Spirit to collaborate for the greater good of the allstar cheerleading industry.  Together, our companies will provide event experiences that are productive, fun, and memorable” says Frank Middleton of TRU.


“Both Liberty and Freedom Spirit  are thrilled to be partnering with TRU Triple Threat.  Having been in the cheer industry for the last 25 years, I understand the need for getting things right when it comes to scoring.  I don’t think its possible to get a more qualified group of judges than what TRU Triple Threat has to offer with the TRU Judges” expresses Brian Elza of Liberty Spirit


“I am thrilled to partner with TRU Triple Threat.  The TRU team has the experience and knowledge to ensure our competitions are fairly judged with the utmost integrity.  We believe this is the perfect relationship for success” says Jim Hill of Freedom Spirit


This new partnership will offer opportunities to gym owners to take some liberties in choosing events, and to have some freedom in deciding what will TRU-LY inspire their athletes to be there best. We are blessed to have this opportunity to create such a strong relationship with Liberty Spirit and Freedom Spirit Cheer and Dance Championships, and cant wait to see what the future holds.  


 Las Vegas at Park MGM 
September 17-19, 2021

 TRU is excited to create a 

 space for TRU judges to come together, prepare for another successful season, and meet Event Producers from the industry!

  supportive, educational, And unified 

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  Inaugural Judges' Retreat 


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