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About our Tru judges

  • Every TRU judge has a prestigious resume with the countries Top Nationals, Summit, Worlds and International experience.

  • All distinguished judges have been personally selected by the TRU Triple Threat.  

  • Our esteemed judges panel are the industries TRU top judges with years of reputable knowledge and expertise.  


meet the 





Resident of Pembroke Pines, FL.  I have been a judge throughout the U.S. and the world for over 30 years, and have had the honor of judging Worlds for the past 8 years.   I take great pleasure in working with some of the best minds in the industry and am honored to be a part of TRU Triple Threat




Andrei Grier was a former cheerleader at the University of South Carolina. Andrei later went on to serve as head coach at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte for 8 years, where his team quickly grew to nationally ranked status.

 He later excepted a position at the University of South Carolina as the head cheer and dance team coach where the excellence continue. Andrei Grier was the former owner of Cheers’ Cheerleading Gym in Rock Hill, South Carolina. During this period, Mr. Grier choreographed coached and for many high school and All-Star teams leading them to State Championship and National titles. Andrei brings to the table 25 years of judging experience on a national championship level and 12 years of experience as a veteran Worlds and Summit judge.




Kristen Shook is a lifelong member of the cheerleading and dance industry. Kristen attended Clemson University where she was a member of the Co-Ed cheerleading team and then the Rally Cats dance team. 

Kristen was also a UCA camp instructor and later an assistant coach at Clemson for 2 years. For the past 12 years, Kristen has spent her weekends judging a variety of cheer and dance competitions in the US and abroad including The Summit, Cheer America, CheerSport, NCA, Jamz, Cheer & Dance Extreme, Canadian Cheer Evolution, the British Cheerleading Association, and Cheer Challenge Chile. Kristen has been nominated to judge Cheerleading Worlds each season she has been eligible and served on a panel every year since 2014. Professionally, Kristen is a product marketing manager in the pharmaceutical industry




I have been involved in the cheer industry since the age of 12. I cheered rec, sideline,competition and collegiate cheer.

I continued my love for cheering by spending my summers

teaching cheer camps to all ages during my early 20s.  I have been judging cheer competitions for 15+ years for companies such as Cheersport, NCA, Allstar Challenge and many more. I was

also a judge at the D1 Summit and US Finals. I look forward to seeing where the cheer industry is heading and being involved in the development of the ongoing movement.

Opal Bush Headshot.jpg



Opal Bush is a Varsity Certified judge from Kennesaw, GA. Opal is a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader

and was featured on the DCC poster, calendar and multiple Cowboys commercials.

She has over 20 years of experience in the industry as choreography, coach and judge. Opal has had the honor to judge USASF Cheerleading Worlds, as well as The Summit and The D2 Summit. She is also a certified Managerial Coach and works with the MBA students at Kennesaw State University. Opal has developed Life Skill Programs for such companies as Devereux, Wise Woman Speak, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, and the Georgia Department of Women Affairs. She has received many awards and accolades on a local, state and national level. She was named “Woman of the Year,” from the Cobb County Service Council and received the “Outstanding Service Award” from Georgia’s Women’s Council. She is also a former University of Alabama Homecoming Queen.




Candi Childers is from Lincoln, Alabama and has been involved with judging cheerleading for over 37 years on State, National, and International levels.

In 2010 she was named the SITA (Spirit Industry Trade Association) Cheerleading Judge of the year. She was named to American Cheerleader Magazine Who's Who among Cheerleading Coaches and selected to ACM Cheerleading Coaches Outstanding

Achievement Hall of Fame in 1999. She was proud to receive the Varsity All-Star Honor and Legacy Award in 2019. She has worked for over 40 different event producers and state associations. Within the past few years she has also worked several events in Australia, Chile', Canada, England and Scotland. She has served on a USASF Cheerleading Worlds panel each year since 2006. Candi has been married to her best friend Tom for 39 years.




Lisa, a former member of the Indiana University dance team, has been coaching and judging in the

cheerleading industry for over thirty five years.

The Indiana Coach of the Year Award, numerous Indiana

State Championships, and high national rankings are a few of her esteemed accomplishments. It has been Lisa's honor and privilege to judge for the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation, ACA, British Cheerleading Association, CheerSport, Cheerlebrity, Cheer America, JamFest, NCA, UCA, USA, The USASF Worlds, The Summit, and The D2 Summit.




Jennifer is a former Instructor and head instructor for NCA from 1992-2006 and a former Quest Camp choreographer for NCA.  

She is the former Assistant Spirit Coordinator and Coach at

Florida State University from 1997-1999.  Jennifer is currently the Competition Coach at Benjamin E Mays High School in Atlanta, GA and the former Allstar Director at Cheer & Dance Gallery.




Joyce Whitaker is an experienced Judge with over 30+ years’ experience providing constructive evaluations & critiques at regional / national /international cheer & dance competitive events to enhance the sport and enrich the lives of young people in their pursuit of their performance goals.

Her vast knowledge includes Youth, School, All-Star, Collegiate and International scoring categories with a concentration in cheer overall, building, tumbling categories and dance technical

skills and choreography categories. Joyce has judged for numerous brands throughout her tenure to include USASF Worlds. Whitaker remains actively involved in consulting - educating coaches and students at coaches’ conferences and business events. Joyce is a collegiate coach and has over 25+ years of sports management experience A Wright State University graduate. She is also a former collegiate coed cheerleader. Whitaker is certified with the USA Cheer & American Association of Cheerleaders, Coaches, and Advisors (AACCA), a Varsity certified judge professional, HR professional with both SHRM and the HRCI organizations.


Whitaker lives in Dayton with her husband, Lee, and has two daughters, Lauren,

and Jordan.




Jolene has been involved with cheerleading for over 30 years. She was an instructor for United Spirit Association for several years and was also a Head Instructor for USA.

Jolene has judged cheerleading competitions for over 20 years. She has judged regional and national competitions for many companies, as well as at the Summit, D2 Summit, and Worlds competitions. She loves traveling to Japan to judge the USA-Japan National Cheerleading Competition and has provided training for their All-Star judges.

Lance Emery Headshot.jpeg



Lance has over 25 years of experience across all-star, college, high school and recreation cheerleading.  He has

judged the USASF Worlds Championships since 2006, including the past seven years as a Head Judge.

Lance has judged Worlds qualifying events for NCA, ACA, Canadian Cheer Evolution, Canada Cheer, Australian All-Star

Cheerleading Federation, FutureCheer (England), New Zealand Cheersports, Cheer America, UCA, Universal Spirit,

CHEERSPORT and Spirit Celebration.  In addition, he judged every NCA Collegiate National Championships since

2008.  Lance is a former Purdue University cheerleader and ICF head instructor.  Lance is currently the North

America Senior Director of Human Resources with Willis Towers Watson based in Chicago.





Rosann brings over 30 years of cheerleading experience to the cheerleading industry

including: coaching, judging, former cheerleader and gymnast. 

As a former coach and choreographer at the All-Star, High School and Collegiate levels, she has earned numerous State and National titles. Rosann has been judging for over 20 years at the local, State and National levels. She has judged for a variety of cheerleading brands including: All Star Challenge, CHEERSPORT, NCA, UCA, Spirit Cheer, Costal and also has knowledge of various scoring systems. Rosann has also judged internationally. Rosann's years of experience as a panel judge has provided her with extensive knowledge in tumbling difficulty and execution skills along with comprehensive knowledge in the overall category. Some prestigious events Rosann has had the honor of panel judging for include: CHEERSPORT, NCA Allstar and High School Nationals, The Summit and D2 Summit. Rosann was named as one of Varsity's All Star Top Honors and standout judges for the

2019-2020 Season and was selected as a 2020 Cheerleading World judge. As a veteran judge, Rosann brings a wealth of experience and professionalism to the

judging panel.

Fred Loertscher Head Shot.jpg



Fred Loertscher was a head cheerleader and Assistant Coach for Washington State University.  He was

part of the United Spirit Association instructional staff for 15 years.

He has performed and co-directed several half-time shows from college bowl games to the NFL and NBA.  Fred has judged high school, collegiate and All-Star nationals for ACA, NCA, USA, UCA, ASC, Spirit Cheer and American Championships.  Internationally he judges for ONP's Mexico Nationals,England's Future Cheer Nationals and AASCF Australian Nationals.  Fred has judged the USASF Cheerleading worlds since 2007 with the

past 8 years serving as a Head Judge.




Joe Murphy is from Charlotte, North Carolina he has been involved in cheer for over 30 years. He cheered in

college at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte for 4 years and was captain of the team for two of his

four years.

Joe has been judging competitive cheerleading for over 28 years. On many different levels including recreational school Allstar and collegiate levels. He has coached gymnastics for over 15 years. Joe has judged for numerous All-star companies and has judged for such prestigious events such as Cheersport and UCA and NCA Nationals as well as being selected as a Worlds judge for the past 13 years. He has judged internationally in the United Kingdom, Canada and Chile.




Christina is a cheerleading and tumbling aficionado who has led all star teams to multiple local, regional, and national titles. She has more than 25 years of industry experience as an athlete and coach to a choreographer and judge.

Morgan has judged for numerous event producers and at several prestigious events such as She is a former tumble instructor/director at several cheer and dance organizations in New Jersey, and is a longstanding choreographer for reputable recreation, high school and all-star competitive teams throughout the Northeast region. Christina owns Rah Rah Routines, an Nj-based consulting firm specializing in choreography, stunt camps, and routine consultations for cheer organizations. She has been a certified Varsity judge for eight seasons, specializing in the categories of tumbling and overall. Christina was on USASF field staff for the Northeast Region and a former writer for Cheer Professional magazine. Nationals, NCA All-Star Nationals, Summit and D2 Summit. Morgan typically judges between 10-20 events per season for the past 7 seasons. She is currently studying Graphic Design in Charlotte, NC.




Karen Snyder is a cheerleading professional with over 30 years of experience as an athlete,

coach, All Star gym owner, choreographer, consultant, and judge.

For the past 12 years she has had the privilege to judge throughout the United States, Europe, and Canada. She has served as panel judge, head judge, stand manager, and scoring official.  She received an award in 2016, voted by her peers, as one of Jambrands best scoring representatives,  and was awarded “Perfect Judging Partner” in 2019 through Varsity All Stars.  She has been honored to judge The Cheerleading World Championships since 2013. She lives in middle Tennessee with her husband of 27 years and is currently serving her 21st year as an elementary school teacher.




Travis earned both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Public

Administration from Florida International University (FIU).

Currently, Travis pursuing his  Doctorate in the Abraham S.

Fischler College of Education (EdD) with a concentration in the

Organizational Leadership program at Nova Southeastern


In addition to his education and professional experience, Travis

has 22 plus years of experience as a Cheerleader, Coach, Judge,

Consultant, and Choreographer. He has trained over 1,000 athletes

with 5 years of complete coaching and choreography experience.

 10 plus years as a competitive cheer judge at the middle school,

high school, all-star, and collegiate levels.




Michele has over 35 years of cheerleading, coaching and judging

experience.  Her experience includes 25 years at the high school and 18 years at the All-Star Level. Michele is a USASF and IASF Safety Judge.  Michele is also the Coordinator for the NYS All-Star Cheer Alliance.

 Michele has also been an AACCA Safety Certifier since 1999. Michele owned a gym in Buffalo, NY and led her program to many National Championship titles.  Her gym was the recipient of the 2010 USASF Chairman’s Cup along with the 2010 SITA Volunteer

Award.  Michele served as the NYS Public High School Cheerleading Coordinator, was a member of the USASF Sanctioning Committee and a member of the World’s Advisory





Christina has over 25 years of experience judging all-star, college,

school cheer and dance competitions. She has judged the USASF/IASF Cheerleading Worlds for 13 years where she has been a Head Judge for the past 7 years.

Christina has judged World Qualifying Events for companies such as NCA, UCA, ACA, All Star Challenge, and Cheer America. Her international experience includes judging for Canadian Cheer Evolution, Alberta Cheer Association, Cheer Chile, Future Cheer, Cheersports Nationals in New Zealand, and the Australian All-Star Cheerleading Federation. She has also judged NCA’s College Nationals since 2008. Locally she serves her home state of Illinois as an IHSA Competitive Cheer Official where she has served on panel at the IHSA State Championships. In 2020 she provided expert commentary for the IHSA State Championship on the NFHS live stream. Christina is a former cheerleader and dance team member at DePauw University and was a member of NCA’s Camp Staff for 4 years. Her background also includes 8 years of coaching school and all-star cheer. In addition to judging, Christina is heavily involved in judges education and training where she enjoys mentoring rising professionals in the industry.




Charlotte Allen is a retired teacher and cheer coach for 28 years. Has been judging on all levels of cheerleading as well as college for 31 years in the US for many of the top

cheerleading companies.

She has also judged internationally in countries just as Australia, Canada, Chile, and England.  She has had the honor of  judging The Cheerleading Worlds since 2006 to the present and the Summits since 2013.




Stephanie is from Augusta, GA and has over 25 years of experience in the cheerleading industry. She

cheered at the collegiate level at Georgia Southern University where she received a degree in Exercise


During her summers in college she worked with both NCA and CCA where she received leadership and dedication awards. Stephanie has judged for multiple companies over the years that

include: NCA, UCA, Spirit Cheer, All-star Challenge, Cheersport, Jam Brands, Summit and Worlds.Weekends she is not judging, she and her husband are busy with their two children travelling to either

dance competitions or baseball tournaments.




Alexis Donnelly is a Varsity Certified Judge from Buffalo, NY.  Alexis has 13 years of experience in the

industry as a coach at the All-Star and High School level. She has judged for distinguished brands including NCA, UCA, and CHEERSPORT. She was also a member of the 2011 Inside Cheerleading's All American Team.




Erica Neal is from Lancaster, Ohio and currently works as a Developmental Specialist with Ohio Early Intervention.

As an athlete, coach, choreographer, and judge, she has over 26 years of experience in the cheerleading industry.  Mrs. Neal judges internationally for Canadian Cheer Evolution and Cheer Challenge Chile and nationally for the USASF Cheerleading Worlds, All Star Challenge, JAMZ, CHEERSPORT, Universal Spirit, Spirit Cheer, PacWest, American Cheer Power, Champion Cheer Central, USA and The Summit.




Brandon Norbeck currently lives in Campbell, California where he works for Apple, Inc.  Before entering the cheerleading industry Brandon competed as a club gymnast for 12 years.

Since that time he has spent over 20 years in the industry as a coach, choreographer and judge at all levels including high school, college and all-stars.  He began cheerleading in high school and continued to cheer in college where he attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN.  After college Brandon began a career as a coach and choreographer where he coached throughout the United States. During his coaching tenure he worked at some of the most

recognized programs in the United states and has garnered nearly every major title in the industry.  Some of his career judging highlights during his ten years of judging include The

Cheerleading Worlds, the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation Nationals, and NCA All-Star and College Nationals.  Brandon has served on the tumbling panel at The Cheerleading Worlds as a mini head judge for the previous 9 years.




Tam has been involved in the cheerleading industry for nearly 20 years as an athlete, instructor, and judge. 

Her experience as a judge has lead her to opportunities not only in the United States but also in Australia, Canada, Japan, and the United Kingdom.  She has judged at multiple world qualifying events, within the US and internationally, and has been a part of the prestigious panel at The Cheerleading Worlds since 2016.  She travels to Australia on a regular to join their expert panel of judges throughout the season. Outside of cheerleading Tam works as a Registered Dental Hygienist and enjoys spending time with her husband, son, and 2 dogs. 

head shot.jpg




Jeannette has over 23 years’ experience in judging. She has taught cheer for 21 years, tumbling for over 23 years and dance for 23 years. 

She has judged the USASF World’s for the past four years. She has judged for USA, NCA, UCA, ACA, PacWest, American Championships, CHEERSPORT and JAMZ. Jeannette has had the opportunity to go to Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Mexico to judge their cheer nationals. She cheered at Weber State University and at Utah Valley State College, where she was captain her second year.
She was also a member of ACT – Athletes Coming Together. Jeannette graduated from Utah Valley State College with a degree in business. She was the cheer advisor/coach for Utah Valley State College for eight years where she took her team to USA and NCA’s nationals
and placed in the top 10 three times. Jeannette has choreographed for high school and college teams. She has also worked with the United Spirit Association for over 24 yrs. She was a cheer head instructor and has helped choreograph for NFL half-time shows. Jeannette also received USA’s “Rookie of the Year”. She is also the proud mother of 4
beautiful children!

Albrey Conker Headshot.jpeg



Albrey Conker has over 23 years of experience in the cheerleading industry. Within her 23 years, she

has won multiple national titles as an athlete for one of the most prestigious all-star programs in the


She won three national titles on the all-girl squad at the University of West Georgia. Albrey has also gained experience as a coach as a former All-Star Director at World Xtreme Gymnastics and

Cheerleading. Albrey has worked as an assistant choreographer with mentor, Frank Middleton for over 8 years. Albrey has gained majority of judging experience working with All star challenge for the last 7 years. She has also judged for American Championships and Jam brands. She has been nominated to judge

prestigious end of the year events for Varsity and has recently started judging for Independent events producers.




Derek Hopkins is a former Wolfpack cheerleader for North Carolina State University. Throughout college, he served as a head camp instructor for Champion Cheerleading Camps.

Derek was a member of the 1996 Centennial Olympic cheer team that performed in the opening ceremonies. Upon graduating from the School of Design and relocating to Atlanta, he coached for 2 years – leading his teams to multiple National Championships.

Since coaching, Derek has judged 26 years for events including All-Star Challenge, American Championships. Athletic Championships, CANAM, Champion Cup Nationals,

CheerNation, CheerSport, JamFest, OneUp, Spirit Sports, UCA, Universal Spirit, and WSF. 2019 marked Derek’s 12th year serving as a panel judge for the USASF Cheerleading Worlds competition.





Courtney has been involved in the cheerleading industry for over 25 years after her transition

from competitive gymnastics.

She is a former Brigham Young University cheerleader, and has

coached and choreographed for teams across the Western United States including a national championship coed high school squad. She has worked for the United Spirit Association as an

instructor, judge and head judge for 19 years. She has also judged many prestigious all star events for NCA, UCA, ACA, JAMZ, American Championships, as well as the Summit. Courtney

had the opportunity to judge internationally at the USA Championships in Japan and ONP Nationals in Mexico City. She has also judged The Cheerleading Worlds since 2015.




Suzi is a Varsity certified judge from Portland, Oregon. She has more than 20 years experience coaching and judging at the high school and all star level.

Suzi has judged a plethora of events throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and Japan including Summit, D2 Summit, and Worlds. She has been honored as OCCA Coach of the Year,

NFHS Region 8 Coach of the Year, OCCA Member of the Year, and she was inducted into the OCCA Hall of Fame. Suzi is a former High School English teacher with a Masters Degree in Education; she now runs a cheer company that offers cheerleading

camps, clinics, and choreography for high school teams throughout Oregon and Washington.




Heather Tucker Ward earned her BSA in School Administration at the

University of North Carolina at Greensboro and is currently a middle school administrator in North Carolina.

She was a former Appalachian State University Cheerleader and has been involved over the last 30 years in the cheerleading world as an athlete, coach, award-winning choreographer, gym manager and judge. She has judged for numerous companies such as The

Cheerleading Worlds, The Summit, All-Star Challenge Nationals, Spirit Xpress, American Championships, CheerSport Nationals, Cheer Ltd., JAMZ, Jamfest, UCA, and The MAJORS.




Kyle Schmitt has 15 years of knowledge and experience in All-Star Cheerleading. She is a former All-Star coach, and current veteran judge since 2012.

For Kyle has had the honor of judging the most prestigious events in the industry including The MAJORS, CHEERSPORT Nationals, NCA, UCA All-Star Nationals, ATC International, The Summit, The D2 Summit and The Cheerleading Worlds. In addition to panel judging, Kyle has extensive experience serving as an Accuscore representative. Throughout her career Kyle has received national praise as one of the highest rated judges in the industry, including awards for Varsity's Best All Around Judge of the Year in 2018 and 2019. In her spare time, she practices law in South Florida. 




Suzie has over 30 years of cheerleading experience, as a cheerleader, coach, and judge. Originally from New Jersey, Suzie enjoyed cheerleading throughout her youth, high school, and college experiences.

Her coaching career started in Maryland where she coached at the recreation level, high school, and All-Star Levels 1-5. For the past five years, she has coached a middle school team at the school where she teaches. Suzie has been judging for over 17 years and has judged for many different Varsity brands, Independent Event Producers, high schools in Maryland, Delaware, and Florida, and for YCADA Pop Warner. She has judged numerous National and International Events, as well as The Summit and has been nominated to judge/staff for the Cheerleading Worlds. This season she looks forward to adding virtual judging to her career.




Jessi Christian has been involved in cheerleading and dance for over 30 years. She has coached and choreographed for numerous collegiate, high-school, and

all-star teams.  

She spent ten years as a cheerleading instructor for the United

Spirit Association; for seven of those years she was a Head Instructor. She was the recipient of USA’s “Hardest Working” and “Leadership” Awards, as well as being a three time “Unity” Award winner.  Jessi has been judging cheerleading competitions for more than 20 years. She has judged Nationals in Mexico City for ONP, and most recently, she judged Nationals in both cheer and dance for AASCF (Australian All-Star Cheerleading Federation) in Melbourne, Australia.  She has judged Nationals for USA, NCA, and ACA in the US.





 Annmarie is from Tampa FL, she has been in the cheer industry for over 25 years as and Coach, Choreographer, Gym Owner and Judge.

Annmarie has Judged for many prestigious brands in

the USA and Canada such as American Championships, All Star Challenge, Coastal Cheer, American Cheer Power, All Things Cheer, Spirit Cheer, PAC West, UCA, Spirit Sports Jamfest

Super Nationals and The Summit.




David Harvey is a former University of Kentucky Cheerleader 87-92; Former Co-owner of Bluegrass Gymnastics;

Former owner of American Xtreme Cheerleading, Former coach of Bluegrass Tigers, American Sprit, American Xtreme Wildcats, and Henry County High School Varsity Competition squads. He currently coaches the Cedar Key School squad in Cedar Key,

FL. David has been a Cheer judge for 11 years including 6 years as a certified Varsity Cheer Judge. He has judged for many brands including NCA, Allstar Challenge, Cheersport, Encore, One Up, Double Down, Jamfest, Spirit Sports, American Championships, WSF, Canam, Summit and D2 Summit.




Has had a love for Cheerleading for as long as she can remember. She was a coach from 1982-2016 winning numerous local, state and national competitions.

In 1997 she began her judging career with Pro

Spirit Judges Association, and in 2013 became part of the Varsity family. Paula has been blessed to have judged at such prestigious events as NCA, UCA, Cheersport Nationals, Spirit of Hope, and The Summit. Which are just a small part of a long list of amazing events she has been part of.




Jeff Bailey is from Manhattan Beach, CA and has over 30 years of experience with the United Spirit Association as a former instructor, camp/clinic director, and as a judge, judge stand

manager, event director and coach.

Jeff has had the opportunity to judge for numerous prominent

event producers, including the United Spirit Association (USA), The American Championships, GSSA, Aloha, NCA, PacWest, and the Atlantic Championships. Jeff has served as a Quality Judge for the Worlds for the past three years. In addition to his experience as a judge, Jeff has been instrumental in assisting with the production of pre-game and halftime shows for the Pro Bowl, World League, and collegiate bowl games. Professional experience also includes Director of the Los Angeles Clippers NBA Dance Team, choreographer for feature film and television, and coach and choreographer for Jr. High, High School and College cheer teams.




Gaye brings 35+ years of cheer knowledge to the table. She is a former coach and North Carolina Cheerleading Coaches' Association Coach of the Year. 

She is a Certified judge through training from Varsity Allstar Coaches' Conference. Gaye has had the opportunities to judge many prestigious competitions such as: NCA  and High School Nationals, UCA High School and International, CheerSport Nationals, All Star Challenge, D2 and Summit just to name a few. 

"Judging is not a job for to me, it is my Love for the sport and my "Passion."




Jennifer Hardin is a former NC State cheerleader currently living in Jasper, GA with her husband and 3


She has a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine, and Master of Arts in Elementary Education. She is currently teaching 3 rd  grade in Ball Ground, GA.  Jennifer has been working in the cheerleading industry for over 23 years as a coach, gym owner, and judge. Over the years she has had the opportunity to judge for companies such as Allstar Challenge, CHEERSPORT, NCA, UCA and both yearend Summit events. She loves to work with coaches and teams as

they drive for success in each routine and competition experience.




Karen resides in South Florida where she is the Athletic Director for American Heritage High School overseeing 19 different sports and 56 teams. Previously, she was their cheer and dance coordinator and coached their varsity competition squad for 13 years.

She has over 30 years experience coaching and judging all-stars and high school. Karen judges national competitions through-out the United States, Canada and Europe for several companies including CHEERSPORT, Universal Spirit, ICC, American Championships, American Cheer Power, UCA, Cheer Ltd., Cheer Expo, The FCQ, Champion Spirit Group, Summit and The USASF Cheerleading Worlds.




Mark has been involved in the cheerleading world for over 35 years as an athlete, coach, choreographer, and judge.

He is a graduate of Fairmont State University where he cheered for 4 years and was an NCA Collegiate All-American. He later received his Master's Degree from West Virginia University. He is a former NCA head instructor, teaching camps from 1988-2000. Mark has coached all levels of cheerleading in both the school and all-star setting. He has had the pleasure to judge across the US as well as in Canada, the UK and the Cheerleading Worlds. Mark currently resides in WV where he is an elementary library/media specialist.  

Lance Logan Headshot.jpg



Lance has been involved in cheerleading for over 20 years as a cheerleader, instructor, coach, and adjudicator.

Lance has been a panel judge since the 2013 Cheerleading Worlds. He has adjudicated internationally for Canadian Cheer Evolution, the British Cheerleading Association (BCA), le Fédération de Cheerleading du Québec, International Cheerleading Coalition (ICC). Additionally, Lance has judged Regional, National, and Worlds Bid Events for All Star Challenge, Champion Cheer Central, Cheer & Dance Extreme, Cheer Ltd., CHEERSPORT, JAMZ, National Cheerleaders Association (NCA), and Universal Spirit. Lance is a TRU Triple Threat certified judge. From 2010-2015, Lance served as the Virginia High School League (VHSL) Northern Region Cheerleading Commissioner. He cheered at George Mason University and professionally as a member of the NFL Baltimore Ravens Co-ed Cheerleading team.




Ian has been a USASF Certified Legalities/Safety Official extensively through both Canada and the US.  

He has judged the USASF World’s on multiple occasions, as well as National Championships and World Bid events for NCA, UCA, Cheer Power, Canadian Cheer Evolution, Spirit FutureCheer, AASCAF and Cheersport.  Originally from Toronto, Ontario he currently lives in Chicago, Illinois.




Becca has been involved with the United Spirit Association for the last 24 years, and has been judging regional and national cheer and dance competitions for 20 years.

Becca has cheered and danced for over 25 years, and has competed nationally as an All Star, and at the collegiate level, in both. She has judged several years for The Cheerleading Worlds, traveled to Japan to judge USA Japan Nationals, twice to Mexico City as a judge for ONP Nationals, and has also had the opportunity to judge for the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation for their Winterfest, National Championships and The Pinnacle.




Candice Gunn has  been with cheerleading for over 20 years. 

She started her cheerleading

journey in high school which helped pave her way to cheer in college at Virginia Commonwealth University.

She then began coaching a high school team in Va. and then in the industry of judging. She has been a judging  for 20 plus years.  She really enjoys cheerleading and seeing

the different routines across the country.




My name is Shaunte Strong and I have been a part of cheerleading for decades, starting with

Rec cheer as a young girl.

I began judging in 2015 with Varsity All-Star as a way to ensure that I could be a part of the fundamental aspect of cheerleading and to bring diversity to the judging panels. It was important

to me to show athletes that anyone, regardless of physical attributes, gender, or sexual orientation, could be a part of a sport that was so near and dear to my heart. As a judge, I have had the pleasure of judging internationally, all over the US, NCA, Summit and D2 Summit. I look forward to bringing my expertise, willingness to learn and grow, and passion to TruTripleThreat!




Tricia’s passion for cheer started at an early age with highlights including; Captain and Coach at Western

Illinois University, Dynamic Cheerleaders Association Camp Director, and as coach/choreographer for AllStar, prep and school teams.

Since 2005 Tricia has dedicated her time to judging, sharing her knowledge and expertise as a Panel, Safety, and Head Judge in the US, Canada and Australia including; The Summit, Cheer America, Jamfest, The Majors, GLCC, US Finals, Spirit Cheer, PacWest, ACP, NCA, UCA, GSSA, USA, ACA, Canadian Cheer and AASCF. She has served as a judge at The Cheerleading Worlds since 2014.




Joshua Anderson has been in the cheer industry as a cheerleader, choreographer, and judge for over 26 years.

After securing elite power tumbling titles, Joshua continued his passion through cheerleading. Some highlights include multiple national titles, cheering for Illinois State University, and was the head coach at Texas Tech University. During his tenure at TTU, the team was featured nationally and the program continues that success today. Anderson judges a variety of Varsity, Independent, and International cheerleading competition companies. He is a certified Varsity judge and serves as a USASF judge for The Cheerleading Worlds.




Tiffany Bryant has been an International judge for Canadian Cheer Evolution, British Cheerleading Association, Quebec Cheerleading ederation, Australian All-Star Cheerleading Federation, and the 2019 ICC British Open & Battle of Champions competition in Nottingham, England.

Tiffany has been a World’s judge since 2008, serving in the capacity of Mini-Head Judge and Cheer Panel Judge; and has adjudicated for several National cheer companies: ACA, American Cheer Power, CHEERSPORT, Spirit Celebration & NCA. In addition, she worked/s for IEP’s Advanced Spirit Association, Cheer & Dance Extreme and JAMZ. She is Varsity certified, has been a presenter at various coach/cheer clinics in the Washington, D.C. area, a Canadian Cheer Evolution coaches’ conference, and a previous USASF Baltimore Regional training. During her 20 plus

years in the industry, she has performed panel/head/safety duties and is a past nominee of the SITA Outstanding Judge Award. Ms. Bryant resides in Northern Virginia, has been an Elementary School Counselor for 25 years and is proud, beyond excited, and honored to be a part of the inaugural year of TRUTriple Threat!




Tiffany Releford is a native of Columbia, Maryland with over 20 years of cheerleading experience.  She was a three-time NCA All-American in high school and cheered for three years at the University of Maryland College Park.

She cheered for NFL Europe in Barcelona, Spain and performed in the opening ceremony of the 1999 Olympics.  Tiffany also cheered for the Baltimore Ravens, a National Football League team, for four years and was the Ravens 1999 Pro-Bowl Cheerleader (the team’s first probowl cheerleader) as well as part of the Superbowl XXXV cheerleading team.  While with the Ravens, Tiffany traveled to the Middle East on a USO tour and visited other local military bases to entertain our troops.  Tiffany judges local, regional and national competitions a year, including having served as a Head Judge at the Cheerleading Worlds.  When not cheering, Tiffany is a Partner at the firm Whiteford, Taylor and Preston, LLP. 




Greta has panel judged for the USASF Worlds Cheerleading Championship since 2010 bringing over 25 years of cheerleading experience as a judge, coach, choreographer, and athlete. 

She attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where she competed with the Varsity  squad for 4 years.  She has judged for numerous companies all over the country at the All-Star, High School and Collegiate level.  Her international experience includes Worlds qualifying events in Canda, Costa Rico, Australia, and the U.K.  Greta is a mother of two living in Cornelius, NC. 




Jay is a former cheerleader at the University of Tennessee and the University of Georgia. 

During his college years, he was an NCA Collegiate All-American,  as well as a UCA Head Instructor and UCA College Staff.  Jay was a performer representing the USA in Paris, France, Wakayama, Japan, and the Opening Ceremonies of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. As a software developer, Jay developed the world’s first cheerleading gym specific software which gave his company, United Cheerleading, the opportunity to expand to more than 12 gyms across the southeastern United States. He was  a Vice President of the inaugural NACCC, which was the origin of the modern all-star safety rules. Jay is a Senior Safety/Legality Official and has been certified with USASF since the beginning of the federation. Jay has coached and choreographed every level of all-star in addition to school cheer through the collegiate level. 


Tanya Bowles

Tanya Bowles, former cheerleading coach for Wake Forest University and former president of NC Cheerleading coaches Association, brings a wealth of cheerleading wisdom. She has been a World’s judge and a small gym owner. Tanya has been the Judging Coordinator for All-Star Challenge Varsity brand, as well as served as a Curriculum Head for the Overall Category for Varsity Judges training.


Frank Middleton

Frank Middleton adds another dimension to the business within the choreography side of allstar cheerleading. Once an All-Star director at a prominent cheer gym, he has won countless national titles, the triple crown, Collegiate and Cheerleading World’s title. Frank continues to juggle multiple hats at cheer events. From serving as the judges platform director, the quality admin, and assisting in the Accu-Score area.

Amy Tyler

Last but not least, Amy Tyler, the former Varsity Allstar National Scoring and Judges Director currently serves as the IASF Scoring Director and trains the judges for The Cheerleading World’s. In 2015, Amy created/founded the first judges training convention. She has served on the Varsity scoring committee, been a curriculum head for the Building category and oversees Accu-Score at most all major events.

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*All bios and listed information above have been submitted by the judge personally and not by TRU Triple Threat, Inc. 

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